Healing is a virtue of yoga,

Of all therapies we espouse - Past Life Regression, Pranic healing, Angel card reading, Crystal healing etc.

Making your being a mode of “ goodness” we aim…

As a means of pure existence for us all…..

Welcome to SATTVAM

Sattvam - our true essence of being can be self-realized with Yoga. Apart from being a science, yoga can be highly personalized to  suit any personality profile, be it for well-being, ailment-therapy, fitness or advanced expertise.

This is why Sattvam is your ideal partner for a holistic personality. Our holistic approach synergizes various alternative, yet medically supportive, therapies to ensure the right developments for the true and happier you.


Past Life Regression

The human mind is capable of great healing. Hypnotherapy is the technique which helps to...... 

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Angel Card Reading

Ever so often we wish someone told us the answers to those very important questions in......

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Crystal Healing

Natural crystals are capable of being programmed to absorb, receive energy and.....

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Pranic Healing

A non-invasive method used to bring healing and balance to the physical, mental.....

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Do you find it hard to focus on the task at hand? Do you wish.....

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Counselling - Heart to Heart

Some times all you want is someone to talk to without being judged. The best.....

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Shamanic Therapy

Shamanism is a way of Life. The root of all healing sciences emerge.....